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A versatile innovation guide


I’ve spent the majority of my life navigating between different cultures, languages and disciplines. I’m originally from Colombia, spent nearly 20 years in the US and have been living in France since 2013.

My academic and professional experiences, including 8 years at Google and formal training at France’s top design school, have helped me to develop a broad toolkit of mixed methods and practices to tackle complex problems in highly diverse environments.


My biography 2


International Relations & French Studies

Providence, RI, USA

My biography 3


Innovation by Design
2016 - 2018

Paris, France

My undergraduate studies at Brown University, known for its innovative pedagogy, have instilled in me a strong culture of critical thinking, a keen understanding of cultural and social systems, intellectual curiosity and facility in written and oral expression across multiple languages.

My specialized master’s degree in design-driven innovation strategy at ENSCI Les Ateliers has helped me to formalize my expertise in innovation strategy and design management through a balance of design history, innovation theory, practical experimentation and mentorship from professionals in the industry.

  • Creative Skills for Innovation & Magic Academy at Google (2012, 2015)
  • Typography course at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design (2013)
  • Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation online course with Acumen/ (2014)
  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design course at the Luma Institute (2017)
  • Google Design Sprint Master Academy (2017)
  • Field Research Master Class with Jan Chipchase (2018)


My biography 4


2010 - 2018

USA & France

My biography 5


2017 - 2018

Paris, France

My biography 6


2019 - Present

Paris, France

A formative 8 years at Google across digital, data and design thinking

At Google, I was able to hone my transversal expertise in design and innovation within numerous core roles and side projects over the course of 8 years. The fast-paced environment and strong innovation culture equipped me with the ability to balance systems thinking with operational rigor, an ease in collaborating cross-functionally and an eagerness to dive head first into complexity and ambiguity.


I ran over 40+ design thinking workshops for internal teams (including Finance, Engineering, Sales and Marketing) and external clients and partners (including P&G, the World Federation of Advertisers and the COP 21 conference). I helped reimagine the onboarding experience for new design thinking facilitators and coached new facilitators in the EMEA region.​


Through data analysis, deep product expertise and industry insights, I consulted Google’s largest advertisers on how to leverage Google’s advertising and web analytics products to acquire more customers, improve marketing ROI and measure what matters for their business. I inspired thousands of marketers on digital measurement strategies at large-scale events and trainings.


I developed blended learning experiences (eLearnings, events, workshops and seminars) for a global salesforce of 6,000 Googlers as a content expert and instructional designer. In partnership with fellow product exports, I created an internal training program on digital measurement that scaled globally to the Google ad salesforce via self-service training materials and a train-the-trainer initiative.


I collaborated cross-functionally with sales, marketing, HR, product engineering and operational teams  to bring new functionalities in two entreprise products (Google Analytics and Google Ads) to market. To drive product adoption and increase ad revenue, I developed scalable sales programs and materials that were to deployed to Google sales teams across the EMEA region.

From social innovation to independent consulting

I took a 6 month sabbatical from Google between August 2017 and February 2018 to join an NGO called Bibliothèques Sans Frontières as a service designer and experimentation lead. This social innovation mission was a required component of my master’s program at ENSCI and became the subject of my master’s thesis, outlined in one of my case studies

My time at the NGO took me to emergency shelters in the greater Parisian region and to refugee camps in Burundi, where I was able to experiment with design practices in an intercultural environment. Spending time outside of Google confirmed my desire to shift full-time to innovation consulting and facilitation work, which wasn’t possible at Google France.

In the summer of 2018, I decided to leave the company to explore opportunities in the design and innovation sector. I spent a few months researching the industry and working closely with a growing start-up MyTennisBox (outlined in another case study). In Q2 2019, I decided to launch my own independent consulting and facilitation practice.



Design has been central component of my work and life journey. Starting at age 9, I started exploring various venues of artistic expression and creativity, including painting, drawing, graphic design and web design. Between high school and university, I spent years working as a freelance web designer.

Throughout my entire career, I’ve woven a design sensibility through compelling visuals and color palettes and clean presentation design. In 2013, I decided to formalize my design capabilities my enrolling in a typography course at a Boston design school.