What if your products, services and teams were more

What if your solutions were more

Socially responsible innovation, by design.

I’m Sandra Camacho, a Colombian-American-French innovation specialist trained at Google and L’Ensci, a top design school in France.

I work with corporate teams, NGOs and startups around the world to become more socially responsible and generate positive impact through the design of inclusive products, services and workplaces.


designing for all

Designing for all means intentionally creating the conditions for individuals from all backgrounds to have equal access to solutions and opportunities, to be active contributors in the design process and to have a voice at the decision-making table.

I leverage design thinking, co-creation and inclusive design principles to help teams incorporate a “design for all” approach into business problem-solving, the employee experience and solution development.

INITIATE TEAMS TO responsible innovation

I introduce teams to inclusive design principles and responsible and ethical innovation through workshops, coaching and blended learning.

tap into creative potential of diverse workforce

I work with teams committed to diversity and inclusion to co-create solutions to challenges around recruitment, retention and employee experience hand-in-hand with diverse talent.

build inclusive solutions

I guide teams through an inclusive design process to build products and services that tap into the power of diversity, reduce bias and harm, promote equity and generate positive impact.



Sandra by Design 1

I have spent most of my life navigating the intersection of different cultures, languages and disciplines.

My career spans over years of 10 years of cross-cultural, multi-sector and multidisciplinary experiences in the US, France and across Europe. My work with corporate teams of all sectors, non-profits and NGOs and diverse individuals from different backgrounds have equipped me with deep curiosity, a passion for social and racial justice, a systems-thinking approach and an ease in collaborating across organizational silos.


I work with corporate teams, NGOs, startups and solo entrepreneurs to dive into tough problems and bring creative ideas to fruition. Take a look at some of my work below:



I’m available for short-term and long-term projects, events, conferences and teaching opportunities in France and beyond. If you’re interested in a potential collaboration or simply wish to discuss your innovation challenges, you can reach me at hello@sandrabydesign.com or via the form. 

Don’t hesitate to connect with me on my social media channels!