Developing innovation Culture & Capabilities

A strong innovation culture is critical for organizations to engage employees, differentiate from competitors and acquire and retain customers through high-value products and services. I spent 8 years at Google embedded in such a culture and experienced firsthand its core elements: risk-taking supported by psychological safety, 10x thinking, ongoing experimentation, user-centricity, and collaboration.

My work on innovation capacity building is focused on laying the foundation for these core elements. To make the culture sustainable, these core elements should be supported by organizational levers such as transparency, focused recruitment, employee empowerment and data-driven decision making.

My bespoke approach

Develop Innovation Culture & Capabilities 1

Evolving toward a culture of innovation is a long-term journey rather than a short-term goal. Every organization is different and requires a unique approach. This is why I focus on bespoke, human-centered initiatives that introduce teams to innovative practices and mobilize the culture progressively via agile networks and scalable programs.

I draw on my experience in employee experience design and deployment of scalable initiatives to co-create measurable solutions that are tailored to an organization’s culture, objectives, environment and people.

Embark on an innovation cultural journey

No matter whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already tried and tested different initiatives, I’m here to provide a fresh perspective and momentum on innovation capacity building.

Depending on your needs, my support ranges from strategic consulting and coaching to pilot program & process design, tool development, program implementation and workshop facilitation. I work on a co-creation basis with in-house teams (notably HR and innovation teams) and, based on business needs, will operate within a larger team of external partners.

Develop Innovation Culture & Capabilities 2


Learn the ropes of design thinking and creative problem-solving

Design Thinking Workshops
Leadership Seminars
Personalized Trainings

Develop Innovation Culture & Capabilities 3


Make innovation practices habitual to leverage greater value out of them

Personalized Processes & Tools
Individual & Group Coaching
Personalized Workshops
Pilot Projects

Develop Innovation Culture & Capabilities 4


Create the conditions for an innovation culture to spread across your organization

Blended Learning Programs
Employee Onboarding
Train-the-Trainer Programs
Community Building Initiatives