Creating a memorable user experience with limited resources

A look at how a start-up enhanced user experience to improve customer retention and elevate its value proposition for brand partners.


MyTennisBox is a fast-growing French e-commerce start-up founded in 2018. The start-up offers a monthly subscription service for tennis fans to discover a curated selection of tennis products, accessories and advice from professional players.

The Business Challenge

The subscription e-commerce industry offers consumers convenience, novelty and personalization. To reduce churn and secure more brand partnerships, MyTennisBox identified an urgent need to evolve its service offering.

However, the traditional path to a superior experience for its customers and brand partners – such as deeper personalization, higher-quality packaging and expansive marketing initiatives – were out of scope due to limited resources and budget.

Creating a memorable user experience with limited resources 1
A typical MyTennisBox


After early discussions with the start-up, I realized that I would need to take on a “jack of all trades” problem-solving approach – shifting between the roles of innovation consultantmarketing strategist, and graphic designer – and would need to privilege memorability, quick and cheap execution and reusability.

Unmet customer needs and pain points

My first step was to zoom out to look at the bigger picture of customer needs and behaviors to ensure the team understood the problem space. Using customer feedback and segmented marketing data, I worked with the team to map out the various phases of a typical tennis player’s discovery and training journey. From here, we identified needs that are not currently addressed by other players on the market and associated pain points with each of these needs. This enabled us to define the areas where MyTennisBox could most effectively intervene and innovate.

Quick-fire idea generation

Next, I led a ideation session for the team to imagine a universe of offerings for the identified pain points and needs. The team and I then determined selection criteria based on strategic objectives and operational constraints (such as costs, novelty and value add) to select the highest impact “quick wins” for increased brand engagement for the start-up’s brand partners and a more optimized experience for end users.


I accompanied the team in the development and low-cost execution of a cross-media editorial and marketing strategy that was anchored in thematic storytelling and an engaging, fun brand voice (one of the top voted ideas). I devised a year-long templated collection of vibrant color palettes and compelling visuals (picked in collaboration with the team) that the team could easily adapt to a unique theme each month in alignment with the monthly selection of products.
This thematic initiative has been deployed across the website, social media channels, YouTube unboxing videos, ad campaigns and “Le Mensuel,” a monthly magazine dedicated to storytelling via a series of editorial articles (“letters” written by MyTennisBox ambassadors, product and community showcase, contests, and advice from professional players).


The initiative has now become the centerpoint of the start-up’s value proposition for its brand partners and pivotal engagement mechanism with end users.

75% of survey respondents have been "extremely satisfied" with the magazine

Customer retention has roughly increased by 10% compared to the same period the previous year.

Reduction in costs for external contractors thanks to templatization of media & print assets

A quick word from the CEO

Sandra worked brilliantly on the design of our editorial strategy and marketing for our B2C2B clients. As a leader on the project, she perfectly led the team through a didactic and interactive brainstorm, guiding the participants through well-framed questions. Her expertise enables her to challenge outcomes and to provide a top notch vision.

Operationally, Sandra executes with a speed that exceeds the norm. I challenge you to follow what she does when she’s focused. Her spectrum of skills and expertises is vast : from visual design to strategy, UX/UI design, and digital marketing.

Yohann Aubé, CEO of MyTennisBox