Accelerating Innovation Projects

The traditional problem-solving approach typically follows a linear model: identify a problem, collect evidence, and leverage the evidence to find a solution. This method falls short, however, when the problem is poorly defined or is multi-layered. In some cases, the “best” solution to the wrong problem may only create more problems.

I leverage design thinking to move teams away from a linear model and toward an evidence-based approach to problem-solving that takes blind spots into account, puts people at its core and promotes ongoing experimentation.


Accelerate Innovation Projects 1

I guide teams in their use of design thinking to tackle complex business challenges and create business value. I help teams immerse in the context of their challenge, validate hypotheses with evidence and work collaboratively and iteratively toward creative solutions.

I leverage my experience as a digital strategy consultant and design thinking facilitator at Google to adapt my practice across industries to challenges related to marketing, digital transformation, service design and improvement, and employee experience.

Embark on a creative problem-solving journey

Whether you’re looking to explore new service opportunities, rethink employee experience, or enhance internal tools and processes, I’m here to provide a fresh perspective and momentum.

Depending on your needs, I can either provide a “full service” or a focused approach across the following areas: innovative strategy consulting, innovation coaching for teams, user and organizational research, workshop facilitation, concept design/prototyping and user testing. I work on a co-creation basis with multidisciplinary in-house teams and, based on business needs, will operate within a larger team of external partners.

Accelerate Innovation Projects 2


Co-create an innovation strategy that aligns with your business challenge/opportunity and expected outcomes

Strategy Planning
Roadmap & Milestones
Project Planning
Measurement Framework

Accelerate Innovation Projects 3


Understand the ecosystem (users, stakeholders, trends) of a challenge or opportunity to identify unmet needs or gaps

Organizational Research
User Research
User Journey Mapping
+ other tools

Accelerate Innovation Projects 4


Develop early-stage concepts and prototypes based on unmet needs/gaps and test against success metrics (market fit, user needs, usability, viability, etc)

Co-Creation Workshops
Design Sprints
User Testing